Aug 01 2016 – NYSERDA: Radiator Labs Saves Columbia University 34% Heating Student Dormitories

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority completed extensive testing on the Radiator Labs Systems at Columbia University dormitories in July 2016. See below for excerpts and click here to download the full report.

Data Confirms Significant Energy Savings…
Based on 2 winters of data, NYSERDA determined that Columbia’s Claremont Hall and Watt Hall secured overall energy savings (“at the meter”) of 23% and 26% respectively as a result of the Radiator Labs System. Space heating savings were significantly higher, and for Claremont Hall this was calculated to be a 34% reduction of total heating costs.

…And Temperatures Normalized in Overheated Buildings
Room temperatures were analyzed to confirm that each of the buildings had a drop in average ambient temperature with the system installed. Tenants were much more comfortable when the average room temperature declined between 1.8F and 3.6F in the two buildings to the desired set point temperature of 73F.

Click here to download the full report!