May 31 2018 – NYSERDA Study Findings Released: Cozy Saves 25% On Average

The Radiator Labs Cozy technology demonstrated an average of 25% savings in all buildings evaluated, according to a recent third-party evaluation.

Beginning in 2013, with NYSERDA ETAC (Emerging Technologies Accelerated Commercialization) support, Radiator Labs engaged in an ETAC focused demonstration to establish the technology’s impact in seven full-building deployments.

After five years of third-party evaluation, the project team found that the technology saved 25% on average in all buildings evaluated, with savings as high as 45%. The smallest efficiency gain (14.5%) was found in a building that, post-retrofit, is among the most efficient one-pipe steam buildings in the entire NYC area, demonstrating the impact of the technology even on relatively efficient buildings.

Read the full NYSERDA report.