Feb 02 2019 – Does My Apartment Have to Be So Hot in the Winter?


A New York City apartment can feel downright tropical when it’s cold outside. But there are ways to cool it down.

Q: My apartment in a 14-story co-op in Long Island City, Queens, is consistently overheated. I have complained several times to management, as have others. But whatever comfort ensues lasts barely a day before the apartments overheat again. Even with windows open, the temperature in my foyer gets as high as 82 degrees, and higher near the baseboards and risers. I have lived in this building for 15 years and this is the most uncomfortable winter I’ve spent here. What can I do?

A: A New York City apartment can feel downright tropical in winter, with the indoor temperature soaring even as it plummets to single digits outside. This often happens for a relatively straightforward reason: some parts of the building are cold, so to compensate, the heating system overcooks everything.


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