Apr 04 2019 – Deep Energy Retrofit at Clinton Hill Co-op

As fans of March Madness basketball know, a full-court press by the defense can turn into a devastating offensive weapon. In its effort to defend against high energy costs, the massive Clinton Hill Cooperative has mounted its own full-court press – a deep retrofit of its buildings’ systems. The goal is to reduce the co-op’s carbon dioxide footprint, save on energy costs, make residents comfier, and show the way for other co-ops and condos to go green.

Typical of older New York City buildings, some apartments were under-heated while others got too hot. “The spread was 60 to 85 degrees,” says Greenbaum, which prompted some residents to open windows in wintertime to regulate the temperature. With advice from Bright Power, the co-op is currently installing “The Cozy” on radiators. Manufactured by Radiator Labs, this insulating enclosure includes a temperature sensor and a built-in fan that circulates warm air out the bottom of the radiator whenever the room temperature drops. 

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