About Radiator Labs
Radiator Labs was born in a New York winter

Radiator Labs' mission is to decarbonize the world's legacy buildings

Radiator Labs provides an energy management and electrification platform for radiator-heated buildings. The Radiator Labs System includes insulated, smart, thermostatic radiator covers (Cozys) networked to central heating plant control. Buildings outfitted with the Radiator Labs system save up to 45% on heating costs, and residents with Cozys are able to control their heating temperatures for the first time in the history of this building stock. Radiator Labs’ hybrid electrification pathway allows buildings to electrify up to 80% of their heating requirements for 20% of the cost of full electrification.

Founders Dr. Marshall Cox and Professor John Kymissis developed the first smart radiator cover concept while Marshall was living in overheated graduate student housing at Columbia University. Through conversations with Professor Kymissis, the founders came up with the idea of The Cozy™, an insulated smart radiator cover that finally brings temperature control and, with it, efficiency, to radiator heating. After a year of initial testing in Marshall’s apartment, the team competed in – and won – the Grand Prize at – the MIT Clean Energy Prize. With $220,000 in prize money Radiator Labs started.

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