The Radiator Labs System

“The Cozy”

The Radiator Labs system consist of an insulated radiator cover that is coupled with our Common-Core electronics – Our Cozy technology already works with a wide range of designs. You can have the benefits of comfort and savings and choose customer designs to match your interior design.

Cast-iron enclosures: These are our flagship and most popular models.

Wooden Enclosures: While our flagship product is metal, we’re also able to integrate our technology into beautiful wooden enclosures, like this one.

Wall-Mount Fin-Tube Enclosures: We see a lot of these systems in larger buildings in NYC and elsewhere. These particular units represents a form-factor that we see all over in bigger buildings.

Baseboard Enclosures: This is another system type that we see a lot of. This unit is not only our first installation for baseboard, but also our first installation outside of NYC – this one is in Philadelphia, and represents one of our first installations with a distribution partner.

Recessed Enclosures:  These are the most common type of radiators found in newer buildings from the ’70 onward.  The aesthetics of the recessed convector plate are highly customizable – this is our simplest design