Energy Savings

The Radiator Labs system saves up to 45% on heating expenses

Radiator heated buildings cater to the coldest spaces to meet statutory heating guidelines.

This dramatically overheats most of the building, leaving many residents miserably hot.

Residents are forced to open their windows to let in cold air and reduce room temperatures.

This is hugely wasteful, expensive and uncomfortable.

Radiator Labs is validated by NYSERDA to save 25.5%, on average, in radiator heated buildings
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Beginning in 2013, with NYSERDA ETAC (Emerging Technologies Accelerated Commercialization) support, Radiator Labs engaged in ETAC focused demonstration to establish the technology's impact in seven full-building deployments.

After five years of third-party evaluation, the project team found that the technology saved 25.5% on average in all buildings evaluated, with savings as high as 45%. The smallest efficiency gain (14.5%) was found in a building that, post-retrofit, is among the most efficient one-pipe steam buildings in the entire New York City area, demonstrating the impact of the technology even on relatively efficient buildings.

The Radiator Labs system is in the New York State Technical Resource Manual (TRM) and is eligible for all State energy efficiency incentive programs and utility rebates.
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Amenities and Benefits:

Save up to 45% on heating costs

Real-time building analytics with steam trap Health monitoring

Available with zero-cost upfront on a simple Energy Savings Agreement.

Improved Building Energy Grade

Local Law 97 fine avoidance

Balanced buildings

The Radiator Labs system eliminates overheating in the hot rooms while ensuring steam gets to the rooms that need it. The result is dramatically increased temperature balance and a wide band of comfortable rooms. Our monitoring and analytics dashboard will identify the rooms where heating problems are persistent and troubleshoot causes

Real buildings, real results

2 Charlton Street
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295 Clinton Avenue
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The Clinton Hill Co-ops
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Local Law 97 Compliance

The Radiator Labs Cozy (Thermostatic Radiator Enclosure) is a prescriptive pathway for Loacal Law 97 compliance. Cozys are also an altnernative compliance pathway for low-to-moderate income properties.

The Radiator Labs system gets most buildings compliant with Local Law 97 2024 emissions guidelines and the majority of buildings compliant with 2030 guidelines. For properties that need additional emissions reductions we are developing Hybrid Electrification, a platform which is fully backwards compatible with the base Radiator Labs system.

Complimentary energy savings analysis for your building or portfolio
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