How it Works

h_1The Cozy is an insulating enclosure that is installed over existing radiators.

h_2When the system senses that a room needs heat, a small fan turns on to circulate warm air throughout the room.

When the room is satisfied, the fan turns off to prevent overheating and keep the room comfortable.

Result: Comfort, cost savings and reduced emissions.

Temperature Control

Control can be kept to management or granted to tenants via phone or computer.


The Cozy fan turns on when it senses that the room temperature is below the desired set-point. When the set-point is satisfied, the fan turns off, which traps heat. This results in a room that maintains temperature, with minimal variability.


Use our app to adjust the set-point and release trapped hot air into the room as you need it.

Real buildings, Real results

NYSERDA Certified.