How it Works

h_1The Cozy is an insulating enclosure that is installed over existing radiators.

h_2When the system senses that a room needs heat, a small fan turns on to circulate warm air throughout the room.

When the room is satisfied, the fan turns off to prevent overheating and keep the room comfortable.

Result: Comfort, cost savings and reduced emissions.

Temperature Control

Control can be kept to management or granted to users via mobile app, computer or on-board controls.

The Cozy fan turns on when it senses that the room temperature is below the desired set-point. When the set-point is satisfied, the fan turns off, which traps heat. This results in a room that maintains temperature, with minimal variability.

Use our app to adjust the set-point and release trapped hot air into the room as you need it.

Real buildings, Real results

NYSERDA Certified.