Energy Services Agreements

The Radiator Labs system is available at zero-cost

Radiator Labs is now deploying Cozy systems building wide at zero-cost out of pocket with simple Energy Services Agreements. These agreements are based on a shared savings model where the building owner and Radiator Labs share in the energy savings together for a contracted period of time.

Building Energy Grades

Improve your building's energy grade

Most 19th and 20th century buildings received poor energy grades because of their radiator heating system. Deploying Radiator Labs throughout your building will vastly improve the posted letter grade.

Local Law 97

Radiator Labs prepares buildings for  Local Law 97

Radiator Labs Cozys (Thermostatic Radiator Enclosures) are included in Local Law 97 as a prescriptive pathway for energy savings and as alternative compliance pathway for affordable housing properties. In both cases, Radiator Labs is the best solution for all radiator heated properties in terms of energy savings, return on investment and rated lifetime of equipment.

Habitat Magazine

Radiator Labs on the cover of Habitat Magazine

Habitat Magazine recently featured Radiator Labs on the cover. The feature article, Cozy Up: How the Clinton Hill Co-op Balanced Its Heat discusses Radiator Labs deployment at the 1,223 Clinton Hill Co-ops apartment complex.

Complimentary energy savings analysis for your building or portfolio
Find out how much the Radiator Labs system will save at your property and the utility rebates & state incentives that are available
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