The Cozy
The cozy is a revolution in radiator heating

Full temperature control for radiator-heated buildings

The Cozy is an insulated radiator cover that distributes heat with maximum efficiency to prevent overheating and waste. Installed building wide, Cozys thermodynamically manipulate the steam condensation rate within each radiator, depending on local demand, exacting a strong balancing effect on a building’s steam distribution network. The Cozy is simple to install and can integrate with any radiator. It does not interfere with a building's plumbing and provides real-time monitoring and analytics of a building's heating distribution system and envelope. The result is comfortable room temperatures, operational cost savings, and reduced building emissions.

Cozys around the world

How the Cozy works

1. Installation
The Cozy is an insulating enclosure that is installed over existing radiators
2. Control
Users walk right up to the Cozy to set or adjust their desired room temperature
3. Operation
When the system senses that a room needs heat, a small fan turns on to circulate warm air throughout the room
6. Efficiency
The steam inside of the radiator condensates into water and returns to the boiler at a much slower rate
4. Comfort
When a room is satisfied, the fan turns off to prevent overheating and keep the room temperature comfortable
5. Consistent
The remaining heat from the radiator is trapped inside The Cozy creating a thermal battery that the fan occasionally draws from to keep the room temperature consistent

The Cozy provides thermostatic temperature control through on-board controls and a mobile app

When deployed buiding-wide Cozys bring down the average building temperature and save energy

A Cozy for every type of radiator

Complimentary energy savings analysis for your building or portfolio
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