We’re proud to have been recognized for our innovative and efficient solution.


The US Department of Energy estimates that 30% of steam heat is wasted, translating into over $7 billion in annual waste in the US alone.

Money is literally pouring out of our windows.

Buildings run boilers to cater to the coldest room in a building in order to meet statutory heating requirements, drastically overheating the remaining majority of rooms.  As a result, residents and tenants are miserably overheated. This waste also contributes significantly to the greenhouse gas emissions of our city.


The Cozy™  is a smart insulating enclosure that is installed over existing radiators. The Cozy is easy to install and requires no contact with plumbing or steam.

SAVINGS: In building-wide installations, our system redistributes steam flow transferring wasted heat from overheated rooms to colder rooms, saving up to 45% in heating costs annually.

COMFORT: The Cozy finally enables tenants in steam-heated buildings to control their own apartment temperature by installing an app for iOS or Android devices. The Cozy is cool to touch eliminating the risk of contact burns, and the top surface will no longer scorch anything you place on top.

RESULT: Increased tenant comfort & functionality, reduced energy costs and emissions. Welcome to steam heat for the 21st century.


Save up to 45% in fuel


Mobile App Control


Reduced carbon emissions


Made in the USA